Sipar obtains the IDEAS label

Sipar obtient le label IDEAS

When, four years ago, the team of Sipar founders called new members to the Board of Directors, it quickly became clear to us that we needed to take advantage of this transition phase to identify our best practices and strengthen them by using the IDEAS label guide. In addition, the evolution of the expectations of our donors, individual and institutional, is moving towards more transparency on how we manage the donations they entrust to us, and how we ensure the sustainability of the association and the control of the risks it incurs. 

For more than 18 months, with the support of IDEAS' volunteer advisors, we reviewed all of our management processes, identifying which ones we were compliant with, which we were practiced without documenting them, and gaps. This work has led us to reach the rate of 86% of existing good practices in Sipar, the vast majority of which are documented. 

To go further, we are now fully committed to a continuous improvement process to strive for excellence, and thus see this label confirmed in three years. The creation, on the recommendation of IDEAS, of an audit committee chaired by an external personality, Jean-François Sautin, and including two members of the Board of Directors, Alain Crouÿ and Damien Dumas, will be a privileged instrument for this. 

I would like to thank the team of volunteer advisors and the Sipar teams for the seriousness with which this approach was carried out, in addition to the usual charges. We are all proud to be part of the community of French associations labeled by IDEAS. 


Patrice LUCAS – president

To learn more about the IDEAS label, visit their website: site web

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