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"Destination francophonie" program at Sipar

Team from France 5's program Destination francophonie » went on board of our boat library for a lovely program.

On the Tonlé Sap lake, a dozen floating villages benefit from weekly boat library sessions. Young children and parents alike are committed to the education of their communities.

So, are you ready to come on board with us? We're off!

chosing your vocation thanks to the library

In Kampong Cham province, the Preah Sihanouk High School is reaping the benefits of a Library and Vocational Orientation Corner!

Supported by Sipar and funded by Fondation Michelin and theFrench Development Agency, the Library and Vocational Orientation Corner, equipped with computers, books, and vocational orientation materials, is providing the 2,833 students of Preah Sihanouk High School access to diverse types of media to support their learning and research, including improving French language learning for bilingual classes' students. 

For the end of the year, help us to help them

Bernadette Chaventon, Patrice Lucas and Christelle Bitouzet encourage you to make a donation this holiday season. 🎄❄️ 

Thank you so much for your generosity, which is invaluable in helping us to accompany more than 600,000 Cambodians on the path to knowledge every year.

For each donation, you benefit from a 66% tax reduction.

10 years of the tuk-tuk mobile library 🎉

Sipar and RESPEK have been working in partnership for 10 years now to implement the mobile library program in Ratanakiri province.

This ten-year partnership has enabled us to reach many milestones in our joint mission to reduce illiteracy, provide access to books for children and young people in Ratanakiri and strengthen their education. Thank you to RESPEK, as well as to the Kiwanis Club and Nextypharm, who are important partners in the implementation of our project. 🙏🏼

a day with our tuk-tuk mobile library in Phnom Penh

We take you on a day trip with the capital's second-largest biblio-tuk-tuk.

In the frame of the HaLI project, funded by‘Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and the Fondation Abbé Pierre, in partnership with Planète Enfants & Développement In Cambodia, Sipar's tuk-tuk mobile library provides daily learning opportunities for children from the slums of Phnom Penh, where over 850 families live, including more than 1,700 children.

A day with our yoga and mindfulness mobile library

Go aboard, in less than two minutes, from our bookmobile to meditation and yoga. It allows hundreds of children in rural areas to improve their daily health and well-being 🧘‍♀️

Thank you to our partner Sabrina for its support alongside us.

Sipar's team and members reunited for our 40 years

Le 20th of december, 1982, Magali Petitmengin created Sipar in France with Bernadette Chaventon. 40 years later, those who participated and keep on participating in Sipar actions gather to celebrate in a video.

Thank you to all of you who participated and huge thanks to our donators who allow us to innovate daily in our programs in Cambodia.

Happy 40th anniversary Sipar ! 

a day with our road safety mobile library

Knowing your environment, the rules of the road and knowing how to get around safely – by bike, motorcycle or car – is what our mobile library dedicated to road safety shares with our small beneficiaries.

Thank you to Total Energie for its support.

In this video, spend a day with our bookmobile in brick factories to discover its activities. 

One day with mobile library in brick factories

Brick factories are plentiful around Phnom Penh and families reside at their workplaces. Our bookmobile serves a dozen brick kilns and allows children to benefit from extra-curricular activities and to have access to quality books adapted to their academic level and tastes.

Merci à la Fondation Luciole pour son fidèle soutien à nos côtés.

In this video, spend a day with our bookmobile in brick factories to discover its activities. 

One day with STEAM mobile library

Popularizing science and allowing children to discover this world through adapted educational material is the objective of our STEAM bookmobile (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)

Thanks to Fondation Antoine de Saint-Exupéry pour la Jeunesse por its support.

In this video, spend a day with our mobile library to discover its activities. 

One day with tuk-tuk library

In the suburbs of the Cambodian capital, many families live in slums, far from educational facilities.

Our biblio-tuk-tuk serves a dozen sites around Phnom Penh and allows hundreds of children to have access to the services of a library in their village.

In this video, spend a day with our mobile library to discover its activities. 

A Day with Sipar's "Environment" mobile Library

Protecting the environment is an issue that affects all of us. 

One of our nine bookmobiles is specialized in this theme to educate and raise awareness among children about climate change, the importance of protecting their environment or the biodiversity that surrounds them.

In this video, spend a day with our mobile library to discover its activities. 

Discover our youth empowerment program

Since October 2021, Sipar has launched a three-year program that targets Cambodian youth and especially high school students.

Cambodia is a young and changing country. High school students in rural areas have little or no access to information about the labour market and post-graduation guidance opportunities. Sipar decided to build libraries in high schools to accompany them.

Sipar tuk Tuk Library​ in Ratanakiri

In 2020, the success of the crowdfunding campaign allowed the biblio-moto circulating in Ratanakiri province to transform into a biblio-tuk-tuk to be able to reach more beneficiaries. 

Our actIvities benefit more than 400 children and allow not only everyone to have access to books and knowledge but also to spend good times with family and friends. We are delighted to be able to sow the book every day in Ratanakiri province.

To discover more videos about Sipar and its activities in Cambodia,

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