youth empowerment

In Cambodia, 15-29 year olds represent nearly 43% of the population. In remote areas of the country, access to quality schooling is still very limited and the drop-out rate is high among young people entering the labour market, many of whom are unskilled.

Promoting the reading, education, guidance and volunteering of young people in rural society remains our priority.

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2021-2024: 3 years for Youth

Dans ce contexte, et basé sur des expériences conduites depuis près de 10 ans dans le domaine des bibliothèques en établissements secondaires et du volontariat des jeunes en zones rurales, un nouveau projet de trois ans « Employabilité et engagement citoyen des jeunes » a donc été lancé en octobre 2021, co-financé par l’AFD, pour améliorer les perspectives d’emploi et renforcer l’engagement civique des collégiens et lycéens, dont 55% de filles, dans 36 communes rurales de 14 provinces.

This new project aims to transform 15 high school libraries into multimedia Vocational Orientation Centers (VOC) equipped with a digital laboratory serving nearly 27,000 young people, to strengthen and expand the network of 23 Community Based Youth Organisations (CBOs) and to design new printed and digital tools for the personal development and guidance of young people for the socio-educational development of communities.

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youth clubs / CBO

Sipar and its local community partner Youth Star have been working together since 2011 to promote volunteerism in the remote provinces of Kratie and Prey Veng. The activities carried out by the members of these Youth Clubs (Community Grassroots Youth Organisations – CBOs) aged 8 to 20, benefit hundreds of children and adults, contributing to education and community development as well as to the promotion of youth engagement and the values of solidarity and democracy at the local level.

Clubs implement different actions within their community:

  • Itinerant reading activities thanks to the "backpack library": book loan service for children and villagers and animations around reading
  • School support for primary school students in difficulty to prevent school dropout
  • Awareness-raising campaigns among village dwellers on various themes

Orientation in high schools

Since 2019, Sipar has initiated the establishment of three pilot Guidance Centre Libraries (BCOs) in secondary schools. The first was set up at Hun Sen Kraing Sramo High School (Kampong Chhnang). In 2020, we continued this initiative with the installation of two CBOs: one, in Chi Hé High School, in Kampong Cham, with Kinal Foundation and the other at Bun Rany Hun Sen Prey Pon High School, in Prey Veng.

The partnership withPasserelles numériques NGO allows the installation of a digital laboratory, the NomadLab, offering students digital supports for guidance and the strengthening of digital skills.

Career Forum

Sipar organise des « forums des carrières », une journée de rencontre entre les lycéens et les institutions, universités, ONGs et les professionnels de multiples domaines afin de leur permettre de partager des opportunités académiques ou des perspectives de carrière !



youth clubs with 560 members


backpack libraries


little teachers


micro-libraries in rural villages


beneficiaires of school support

petit prof club de jeunes


My favorite activities are the backpack libraries and tutoring. Thanks to these activities, I have a lot improved my ability to work in a team, my flexibility and my research skills. That allows me to learn new skills useful for my studies. I really hope Sipar's team will keep onsupporting our activities in rural areas.

HENG Sam Oun, 18 ans,

president of Peam Muntea CBO, Prey Veng