khmer book publishing

Sipar's mission is to support the publishing sector in Cambodia through the training of human resources in the various professions and to offer children, teachers, educators and the general public a wide choice of quality books, corresponding to their tastes and needs. Sipar works on the publication of original and quality fiction and non-fiction works in the Khmer language, distributed in reading services supported by Sipar and other NGOs, or offered for sale in bookstores and relay points at low prices. Today, the revenue generated makes it possible to cover production costs and develop programs.

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Our commitments

  • High-quality Khmer language
  • An easy-to-read Khmer script
  • Books adapted to the reading levels indicated
  • Documentaries created in collaboration with experts in the field
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Books tested in the field
  • Gender-neutral titles that encourage the inclusion of people perceived as "different"


Based in Phnom Penh, a dedicated team, active and trained by international publishing specialists, ensures editorial production: subject testing, editorial design, writing, translation, corrections, layout, manufacturing monitoring, promotion and distribution.

20 collections to meet everyone's need


Sipar has become a recognized publishing house, which raises the literacy level of Cambodia to that of developed countries. If all publishers published quality, attractive books, it would encourage Cambodians to read more.

DR Hang Chuon Naron

Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of Cambodia


titles published in 20 collections


new titles published in 2021

3.1 millions

copies published since 2001


Sipar's works have been awarded numerous prizes:

  • 2021: IBBY Award for Best Translation for The elephant’s new shoe and Best Illustration Award for Rongkea and the green monster
  • 2019 : l’un des 4 livres sur le handicap Leaksmee peut courir et sauter, cependant…  a remporté le prix IBBY du meilleur ouvrage sur le handicap. Ce livre a été présenté au salon du livre de Bologne en Avril.
  • 2018 : Sothik, une enfance confisquée and  Panchatantra won the Best Author and Best Translation awards, respectively.
  • 2016 : the title I love my clothes won the Honorary Award for Best Translation
  • 2011 : au cours de l’événement international d’IBBY-Asahi (salon du livre international de Bologne en Italie); Sipar a reçu le prix de la meilleure initiative en terme de promotion de la lecture