Bernadette Chaventon's appeal for generosity

Our co-founder, who has been committed to education in Cambodia for 42 years, talks openly about Sipar's need for funding. She appeals to your generosity.

Générosité pour le Cambodge

“Every month, we bring you news of Sipar's activities in Cambodia to promote reading. We talk about bus libraries, tuk-tuk libraries, boat libraries, backpack libraries... Libraries in schools, in prisons,in brick factories, micro-libraries... We present you Sipar Publishing which is now an independent publishing house. We present our plans for the coming years.

But we rarely talked about finances... and yet without finances nothing is possible. First of all, we'd like to thank you: you're more than just donors. You are our partners. Without you, nothing is possible... We thank you for your loyalty and generosity: “Orkun” - thank you in Cambodian. Today, the subject is also being broached because times are hard. Cambodia is no longer seen as an emergency, and donors are turning their attention to local causes...

Invest in the future of Cambodia

Yet Cambodia still needs Sipar. While Phnom Penh is a booming city, the countryside remains very poor. Sipar supports the most underprivileged and must continue its actions on their behalf.

It's urgent that we find new donors, and we're counting on all of you to help us. What if every reader of this newsletter asked one of his or her friends? If any of you readers know of any companies, foundations, endowments or patrons who might be interested in supporting us... please let us know.

I've been part of the fundraising team for 42 years. Sothik, the director of Sipar, has dubbed me “the great humanitarian beggar”. It's a title I'm very proud of, and one that enables me to appeal to you once again. Sipar is counting on all of you. Thank you for your support. "


Bernadette Chaventon

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