Launch of the book Insects in Cambodia

On March 14, teams from Sipar and thePasteur Institute of Cambodia participated at Sosoro museum in Phnom Penh at the launch of our new title Insects in Cambodia. Throwback at a successful launch evening.

Lancement livre insectes du Cambodge
Livres insectes Cambodge

Around 70 people attended the launch of the book, published in Khmer, French and English. This book is the collaborative work of teams from Sipar and scientists from the Pasteur Institute. It introduces visitors to the various insects that live on Cambodian soil and theimportance of their role in preserving the country's biodiversity.

Diplomats from the French Embassy, journalists and booksellers came to discover this new book. It highlights Sipar's professionalism in researching information and creating its books. DJ Nana, Cambodian influencer and godmother of Sipar in Cambodia, was also present. Attendees were able to discover the contents of the book and had the opportunity to chat with the creators, learning about the often overlooked usefulness of insects in the balance of nature. The evening was enriched by an entomology photo exhibition organized by the Institut Français du Cambodge in the garden of the Sosoro Museum, Cambodia's economic and currency museum.

Lecture au Cambodge

The book is on sale in all three languages in the Sipar bookshop and in our usual sales outlets. This was the most successful Sipar title at the Phnom Penh Book Fair. For more information, contact us.

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